Key Pickup Form

Please fill out the Key Return Form listed below!


If your lease does not require you to put a certain utility in your name, please leave that section blank. You must have the utilities set up in your name prior to moving in and you must provide us with the full account numbers. You can retrieve your keys at 302 W Springfield Ave, Champaign IL no earlier than Noon on the day of your move-in day. Please make sure you bring in a photo ID, have paid first month's rent, security deposit, & any additional fees prior to move-in.  


We will not be authorized to hand out keys until the entire balance has been paid,  the correct utilities have been set up, and the key return form has been fully completed and turned in. 

(If you are on a joint lease with other roomates, everyones balance must be paid)


Key Pickup Form

Address Information

Vehicle Information

Utility Information

By signing this you verify that you have provided the correct utility account numbers and that you are moving into your unit and taking residence at the property.